Saturday, 24 December 2016

How to start climbing

Climbing and mountaineering are funny sports that make you dream. It is possible to learn at any age, provided you have the envy and energy. But before practicing, it is better to be well prepared and equipped. So here are some tips before you get started.

Training walls

Before you start climbing the pure and hard, it is better to know a little where one puts his best climbing shoes and above all, better know how to find the catch, the right moves to secure and move, etc. 
For this, we strongly advise you to start your apprenticeship in a room or outside, on training walls designed for this purpose. Some sessions with a good monitor should be sufficient to give you all the safety instructions and the bases essential to the practice of rock climbing. You will learn to climb as well as to ensure a partner.
Then, in order to familiarize yourself with the terrain and assess your ability to move to several meters of altitude, feet half in a vacuum, nothing better than a few sessions of tree climbing or even better. Halfway between hiking and climbing, this activity also made climbers and climbing rope, will familiarize you with the cliffs and other rock while being perfectly secure.
How to start climbing

Climbing equipment to get started

That's it, are you ready to get to the heart of the matter? So make sure you are well equipped. We do not go climbing in the mountains as we go for a walk in the forest. You must have a number of essential climbing equipment items:
A helmet, climbing rope (about 70m) and a lanyard, screw climbers, slings and eight and a harness to make sure. To choose the latter, we invite you to read our dedicated article. You will also need to have special gloves and climbing slippers that will allow you to better catch and not hurt yourself.
The dress is also important: use long and thick pants and tops to avoid skinning, and stretch clothes to have all the freedom of movement required. If you have long hair, consider attaching them.
Now you know all about the climbing equipment. All you have to do is find a partner to insure yourself during the climb and a nice spot to start. Finally, do not forget to warm up and stretch before and after each session to relax your muscles. Get more information Here

Saturday, 1 October 2016

6 tips about How to be fashionable

always be fashionable is not easy and may sometimes have some doubts how. Find in this post all you need to know to be a girl to fashion at all times.

No. 6 follow fashion magazines

There is nothing better to know what new trends to look at fashion magazines. In them you will find the clothes and accessories that are being used and what is coming for next season. Not only you can find the best fashion magazine paper, but in the fashion section of iMujer will be fully advised.

No 5 Try new things

I know you feel safe with your dark jeans and your shirt always, but sometimes fashion garments put never thought that could be used and yet they are trend. Dare to colors, prints and designs that are fashionable, as long as you are well and feel comfortable.

No 4 is unique, but discreet

Many times after being fashionable, you end up dressed like all the other girls also wear clothes of latest trend. Try to show your individuality with accessories that express your personality and make you look different from the others, but without exaggeration.

No 3 Do not follow all trends

Today fashion can be many things at once, of various styles. Choose what best suits you, then can not turn over everything that is being used at the time. Use what fits you and what makes you feel more comfortable.

No 2 The simplicity is king

Forget the supercharged suits, because simplicity is the mother of all fashions. Try to fill your wardrobe with quiet and basic parts, ensure you make different combinations to create hundreds of different outfits and always in fashion.

No 1 Buy clothes and accessories quality

If you are the type that just to have everything in fashion buying cheap and sleazy things, I say that is not the most successful. Like I said, there is no need to have so many things to be fashionable, therefore, choose a few quality clothes or accessories that cost a little more but not deform over time and lose color.